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Jewelled sandals are making a come back: tips for a stylish summer

Jewelled sandals are making a come back: tips for a stylish summer

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During Spring Summer 2021 the Jewels Sandals are going to be essential wardrobe footwear, especially the ones that are handcrafted and made of genuine Italian leather. The watchword of the season will be “to shine!”

Thanks to their well-known and appreciated skill to conjugate comfort and style, the sandals handcrafted of genuine leather are now a fully-fledged part of our wardrobes. Each woman who owns a pair of handmade jewels sandals, can not resist without their outstanding comfort and chooses them in every moment of her day, for a stroll in the sun or while going out in the moonlight.

Handmade jewel sandals for summer elegant timeless outfits

Originally born as simple flat sandals, during the years the handcrafted flat sandals have been adapted and styled according to different trends, moving with the times and in the first line during summer.  This summer this will be particularly true for the jewels sandals that will enrich our wardrobes and will make our outfits glamorous and will define elegance with simple styles.

Ankle tie Jewelled sandals

Jewelled sandals are often paired with an historical main character of the sandals season: the t-sandal is ideal to welcome stones and crystals on the upper sole and they will donate a new light to this beloved summer footwear.

During the creative process, our artisans always keep in mind comfort as a key factor to guarantee a comfortable pair of sandals that will be used all day long. for this reason, while crafting the jewelled sandals, our artisans purposely avoid that the foot is in direct contact with the skin. All the decorative elements are hand sewn on the upper sole made of genuine leather tanned in Tuscany; in this way, the skin is in close contact only with natural materials and elements, such as the sole and upper sole. 

The jewels sandals are ideal to add a touch of elegance to numerous types of occasions, from a romantic getaway or girls' nights out to special celebrations like special events or ceremonies.

Jewel sandals on the most important day of your life

Platinum Jewelled sandals

As per tradition, on their wedding day brides want to show a refined and elegant look carefully chosen in every detail: in this scenario, choosing the correct footwear plays a big role and, often, shoes and sandals steal the spotlight becoming the main key to define the style of the entire outfit. 

During the last few years, there has been an actual escalation for requests of handcrafted custom-sized sandals, key elements to guarantee a comfortable product that keeps in mind the aesthetic taste of the brides. The future spouses are in constant search of an essential companion to spend their most important and demanding day or their lives, for this reason, a pair of sandals which has been made uniquely for them, is a perfect solution for a big day!

Milletrecento Italia Jewels Sandals are custom made and custom sized for you

A very important moment is certainly the one dedicated to the style’s choice of the jewelled sandal: by choosing handcrafted footwear you will receive a product made of high-quality natural materials, like real genuine Italian leather; furthermore, you will be assisted and helped throughout the whole process, from personal requests to customization of the product in terms of sizing and patterns.

Our artisanal workshop offers the possibility to make custom-sized footwear. We craft each sandal according to your feet measurements and sizing, as each foot is different from the other. For this reason, it is paramount to handmake sandals based on the real features of our clients, making notes of each measurement and acquiring the coordinates to follow for a perfect fit!

Jewelled thong sandals

However, especially on these important events and occasions, the customization process is not just about pure qualitative and technical aspects. The aesthetic facet gains importance through various details: from the dimension of the crystals to the cut and shape of the stones, from the most striking to the most simple decorations.  At Milletrecento Italia we are happy to offer you many variations in terms of colours, patterns and crystals to guide you towards the choice of a pair of sandals that will be truly, deeply, uniquely yours.

Handcrafted jewelled sandals are perfect for a trip or getaway

We have talked about very special occasions, however, jewelled sandals are a real Passepartout. The jewels flat sandals are loved by very fashionable trendsetters; at the same time, they are also appreciated by detail-oriented women with a minimal look.

Moreover, thanks to their restrained dimensions and their light structure, jewelled sandals are very practical during leisure and business trips too. They only take a small space in the luggage (or in your purse, for a quick and stylish change of outfit!) and will offer a comfortable and sophisticated alternative after a long working day or beautiful day trip!

Tsandals jewelled sandals

So, whether you are after a refined outfit idea or you are in a pure denim mood, you will find the jewelled sandals to be the perfect irreplaceable ally always ready to shine and to keep you grounded!

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