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How to wear gladiator sandals to look stylish

How to wear gladiator sandals to look stylish

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Since their first appearances on the international runways of the ‘60s -80’s, the gladiator sandals have been a favourite around the world and they have conquered many women’s hearts. They have made a comeback in the fashion scenes during the late ‘90s, and they are now ready to be in the spotlight during Spring and Summer 2021. Handmade gladiator sandals, in particular, have always been the stars of the sandals season thanks to their unique twine straps and adjustable tie.   

Gladiator sandals, a summer wardrobe essential you must-have for stylish outfits

Black leather gladiator sandals

Trusted companions during summer stroll, the gladiator sandals (name that traces its origins back to the Roman Empire and the Roman Gladiators) have been designed in numerous and diverse styles. Versatile and fabulously stylish, from easy casual looks to chic outfits, the gladiator sandals have entered the must-have summer footwear Olympus.

The gladiator sandals style is constantly evolving, both in terms of materials and design applied: the most popular ones are certainly the ones handmade in Italy by Italian artisans. These sandals are made of genuine Italian leather and particular attention is paid to details throughout the customizations process; available to tie up both to the ankle or extended to the knee, many of these sandal styles are customizable through accessories, such as colourful pom-poms, strings and tassels.

Gladiator Sandals by Milletrecento Italia: small details make the difference!

When choosing footwear, attention to materials is always a crucial component, especially if you are talking about sandals: we may be attracted by artificial materials when looking for trendy, modern or unusual accessories, however, comfort and long-lasting quality of genuine leather is like no other. 

Furthermore, handcrafted sandals made of natural materials can offer elegant and characteristic styles, where high levels of customization are reached in terms of colours, materials, engravings,  by unifying sustainability, practicality and great taste.

Platinum gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are made of straps that ensure the upper sole to the sole cradling the foot and hugging the ankle. By choosing handmade sandals made of high-quality materials, such as genuine Italian leather from Tuscany, you will be guaranteed a comfortable fit for the rest of the day and long-lasting durability. 

How to wear and style the gladiator sandals to look more stylish 

For those ones who haven’t ventured into the gladiator sandals yet, here our top style tips on how to create a perfect outfit with your gladiator sandals.

  • Ankle tie gladiator sandals are perfect for short medium figures. With their thin straps covering just the lower part of your ankle, the sandals will not make you look shorter. Pair them with short dresses and classic distressed denim shorts for a casual everyday outfit.

Genuine leather gladiator sandals

  • Knee-length gladiators are ideal for long legs and tall figures and they are very trendy if worn with maxi dresses with deep rips;

  • Black and tobacco leather  are everlasting tones for the gladiator sandals and can be twinned with colourful and patterned dresses; while during the day the favourite options are matte colours, sparkling and satin straps should be chosen after the sunset

  • For an ultra-bohemian alternative style choose a cute midi white dress made of natural lightweight fabric, such as linen or cotton, and club them with thigh-high flat gladiator sandals like Bologna Boho embellished by colourful decorations and details for fabulous summer wear. 

Bohemian gladiator sandals

  • In case you need a more glamorous style, at Milletrecento Italia we customize the sandals so that you can opt for higher heels to embellish your gladiator sandals. They will make your legs look long and flattering. 

Take your gladiator sandals on holidays with you!

When on holidays, we tend to prefer comfortable sandals that can be worn all day long: with these flat handmade gladiator sandals you will always be on the safe side. Alternatively, the heels addicted can pack in their suitcase the high heels gladiator sandals: you will only need 3cm more not to feel “flat” and, at the same time, to enjoy long summer strolls.

Whether you want to be the centre of attention, or whether you are in a calm mood, the gladiator sandals is the ideal candidate to be your joint force during summer 2021, ready to be with you from breakfast with the girls to those good evening cocktails.

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