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La Friulana® per Milletrecento Italia

La Friulana® per Milletrecento Italia is born by a collaboration with a family of shoemakers based in Friuli, Italy, where this shoe was originally created. They have been handmaking friulane shoes for many generations and continue to make them traditionally.

Le friulane, also known as furlane, is a typical shoe made by hand in the North East of Italy and they are characterized by the rubber sole which originally was made by bike tyre and the fine velvet for a comfortable, embracing fit. Their casual-chic style is perfect to wear your friulane both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the delicate lining and details rigorously sewn by hand by the expert craftsmen, show attention and care which belongs to real Italian craftsmanship. The hand-sewn stitching is a characteristic feature of this traditional yet modern footwear.

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