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Milletrecento Italia: the true value of Italian craftsmanship

Milletrecento, pronounced [Milletre'ʧɛnto] (1300) is the length in km of Italy from North to South, including all of the islands.

Our aim is to take you on this wonderful journey around our country discovering the most beautiful Italian artisanal traditions in the craft of handmade sandals custom made for you.

We will happily guide you, but first, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Stefania and Pablo, a couple of globetrotters and founders of Milletrecento Italia, who after completing our studies and spending many years abroad, have embraced the idea to honour our Italy, which has always been in our hearts during our ambitious life experiences, with the desire to show it to the world in its most authentic and intimate dimension: real craftsmanship. Milletrecento Italia is an idea born during our trips and it wants to represent praise to Italian craftsmanship, the real essence of Italy, that brings us back to our origins and childhood memories.

Milletrecento Italia Handmade sandals

It is with this spirit that we have defined our purpose: fulfilling a showcase with international scope where we can exhibit crafts and creations which are set like precious gems in our local villages and that represent history and passion, ability and identity of a varied and unambiguously known and recognizable country.

We have been lucky to wander in our country through alleys of beautiful villages and find ourselves in artisanal workshops, often so small that there was not even a store sign, however so rich in timeless charm that it makes it impossible to walk past without noticing the typical and unique sounds and gestures of an artisan at work, making it so representative of these workshops where the magic happens.

Falling in love with their creations and completely enchanted by their abilities as real artists, we have decided to found Milletrecento Italia to become ambassadors of their art and, at the same time, keepers of these precious traditions, giving them the much-deserved light and visibility so that these crafts can reach all the admirers around the globe, by becoming unique jewels universally known and appreciated, always maintaining their nature of local historical artisanal essence intact in time and space.

A story of tradition, passion and innovation

This is how we want to contribute to keep these traditions alive and, at the same time, show our customers the behind the scenes of our workshops where the masterpieces exist in the artisans’ minds and, one step at a time, are slowly shaped into real, unmistakable symbols of our Italian artisanal tradition. In Milletrecento Italia we believe in the passion, love and hard work that our artisans put in to create unique goods, and we honour them by showcasing their art to the world.  

By unifying their incomparable abilities and our knowledge and expertise, Milletrecento Italia wants to represent this synergy which is the creative motivation to hand make our products, telling the world stories enclosed in their small, wonderful workshops. 

For these reasons, we have chosen a brass nail for our logo, an iconic symbol of Italian craftsmanship especially with regards to Capri sandals where we can find the real essence of the masters who use techniques inherited over generations, without resorting to manufacturing solutions and becoming guardians of the Italian slow fashion style, deeply loved around the world. 

In support of a conscious and sustainable fashion, the true value of craftsmanship and Made in Italy 

In complete opposition to the superficial, fast, chaotic lifestyle which we are all used to, slow fashion reveals a key to rediscovering the true beauty by which we can take time to pay attention to things, places, situations in order to comprehend and appreciate its qualities, values, meanings and essence.  

Amongst the main cornerstones of our slow fashion, we particularly love:

The quality, which is always committed to beauty, and that guarantees everlasting style and durability of each product;

the sustainability, which offers not only an aesthetically beautiful product but also transparency in the process and materials rigorously made in Italy;

The availability, attention and time committed to the creation and production of each sandal, which is made exclusively the moment an order is placed.

At Milletrecento Italia, we do not mass produce in order to avoid any type of waste of the raw materials and we handcraft sandals that our customers will be able to use for many years to come. We value high-quality long-lasting materials, a reason why we only use premium quality genuine Italian leather, paying particular attention to each and every detail with the ambition to guide you through a conscious purchase of a product that we are confident will be appreciated and valued with the pleasure of time. 

Sandali artigianali Milletrecento italia

Milletrecento Italia’s handmade sandals: from the artisans’ hands to your doorstep, a direct connection 

All this would not be possible without you, our customers, the main protagonists of our story. 

Our aim is to provide you with a timeless handmade sandal, the symbol of Italian elegance and refinement, comfortable on any occasion.

We understand that, sometimes, it might be challenging to find the perfect sizing as the size of our feet vary from person to person and, often, between the two feet themselves. Since our sandals are handmade and each component is cut by our artisans in the workshop, we custom make your sandals according to your foot length and circumference so that you will have a bespoke custom made pair of sandals with a perfect fit.

For all these reasons, we offer our customers a direct assistance service to assist you in each step of the process that will guide you from the inspiration to your final choice.

Our mission though is not just about the production of the sandals themselves, but we are also determined to send your products in the shortest time possible, using the best couriers and their express service right to your doorbell aiming to contribute to a great experience made in a fun, dynamic, easy and quick way.

From us to you, anywhere in the world.

Milletrecento Italia Sandali artigianali


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