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Capri sandals: story and style of timeless footwear

Capri sandals: story and style of timeless footwear

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Did you know that the sandals made in Capri trace their origins back to the Roman Empire?

The Capri sandals’ long and fascinating history takes us back to the ancient Egyptians and Roman Empire and, although there have been different styles throughout the years, these sandals have always maintained their comfort and chic essence. The first sandal prototypes date back to about 2000 years ago when many populations from the Mediterranean sea used to wear a type of footwear that allowed them to accomplish their long journeys on rocky and sandy lands. Thanks to the leather straps tied around their ankles, they had a rigid and resistant sole to guarantee comfort throughout the long journeys.

Emperor Tiberius Sandals

These types of sandals were brought for the first time on Capri island by Emperor Tiberius who inspired what we know today as one of the most recognizable and famous Italian traditions in terms of craftsmanship. Wearing a pair of sandals, his arrival on the island, impressed the locals so much that they immediately decided to craft similar footwear.

Even the Vips are crazy about sandals made in Capri  

The notoriety of the sandals is connected to a specific moment in time: back in the ‘40s Diana Vreeland, editor of Vogue USA, was on holidays in Pompei where she noticed these types of flat sandals represented in a famous mosaic. She then realized that the same sandals were hand made in the workshops in Capri where she fell in love with them. Attracted by the beautiful, free-flowing island lifestyle, she loved how Capri captivated and entertained so many travellers.  

It is commonly known that trends and fashion originate where VIPS are and this intuition was certainly a brilliant one back in those years. In fact, all the divas loved to be photographed with their rigorously handmade Capri sandals while strolling through the alleys of the island: from Audrey Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren they all loved this unique custom made elegant footwear. However, the traditional sandals made in Capri moved from the jet-set to the best magazines of the world, when Jackie Kennedy, a symbol of elegance and style, inspired a new style called “K” and made them famous around the globe. She showcased the versatility of her sandals by wearing them with different outfits, such as a wide skirt or elegant trousers and kept ordering them throughout the years.


Capri sandals, chic and elegant style for every occasion

Originally born as flat sandals, in order to guarantee comfort while walking on the characteristic streets of Capri, nowadays we can find different variations of the heels too (always moderate, generally around 3cm high).

What makes this sandal timeless, however, is definitely its particular style, which is clean, chic, elegant in its simplicity. The foot is almost completely naked, never constrained, and it is embellished with grace by the countless possibilities of customization. To mention a few, we can find braids, decorations, stones that are always new and in constant evolution.  

Due to their artisanal nature of the Capri sandals, they are the expression of ancient techniques passed on by the artisans from generations to generations. The artisans, in fact, are able to craft masterpieces through their art made of precise movements and steps, enchanting all the visitors and customers walking by their workshops.

Milletrecento Italia sandals, attention to every detail

Many essential measures are involved in order to craft an original handmade Capri sandal and, often, these are kept secret; however, we want to focus on some aspects which are necessary in order to recognize an authentic handmade sandal:

  • Our sole is made of overlapped layers of genuine Italian leather, stitched together entirely by hand for increased resistance;  

  • The upper sole is secured to the sole by a brass nail for a better seal;

  • We only use premium quality materials to craft our sandals. The symbol “Genuine Italian leather” on the outer sole is a testimony of the quality and certifies its origins;

Capri sandals were originally born to walk through different routes and have passed by the alleys of Capri to get to us today. They maintain their characteristic comfort to take us anywhere, without sacrificing style. 

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